Harry Gets Into The Swing Of Things

Written by: Sarah Beliza Tucker
Illustrations by: Adam Ihle


About The Book

Harry and Friends are back for an all new adventure! The excitement of Ricky’s Black Belt ceremony fuels Harry’s overactive imagination, The sigh and sound of boards breaking and crowds cheering encourage Harry to set his goal to earn a black belt. At Ricky’s party, Harry learns that in his daydreams nothing seems impossible – but in the real world things can be kind of tough. Will Harry give up when he is faced with an obstacle he can’t overcome? or will learn from Ricky’s example and try, try again?

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About The Author

Sarah Beliza Tucker has been working in Children’s Media for almost 30 years.

Sarah created Harry the Red Headed Lizard as a creative writing assignment in the ninth grade, and he has been with her ever since, evolving into what he is today. All the characters and mentors in her stories are based on the children, teachers and parents she has worked with over the past 20 years. Sarah brings a sense of realism within the fantasy world, she gives young children a safe place to learn life skills and problem solving by connecting them with characters that they can relate to.